The Dead Dolls Museum is the world's first museum dedicated to scary dolls. Our exposition presents an impressive collection of gloomy puppet art: only here you will get acquainted with the works of the craziest puppeteers on the planet! A wide palette of puppet characters - from melancholic daydreaming to tragic doom and inhuman suffering, from slight infernality to sinister obsession and cruel brutality - will not leave indifferent even the most indifferent viewer to dolls.

We work everyday: 10 am - 10pm (MSK time)

Our dolls

Chucky, the most famous killer doll and protagonist of the Kids Games franchise, has a great sense of humor and an unbridled desire to kill...
Billy «Dead Silence»
Billy is a ventriloquist doll, a character in the movie Dead Silence. Billy and his mistress Mary Shaw were performing at the puppet theater when one of the young spectators...
Obsessed doll, the heroine of the series of films Annabelle and The Conjuring. Getting into a new house, Annabelle does not immediately reveal her devilish essence...
Billy the Puppet
Billy, the character of the nine Saw films, was created by the ingenious John Kramer to communicate with the victims of his monstrous experimenting games...


E-ticket + audioguide

when buying on the website (online)

500 rubles

Adult ticket + audioguide

upon purchase at the ticket office of the museum

600 rubles

Ticket up to 18 years old

accompanied by a parent or guardian

400 rubles

Individual visit

10:00PM -11:00PM

5000 rubles